Aikido Teambuilding – movement, fun and corporate training

In June, ano­ther com­pa­ny team tried out aiki­do as well as Japa­ne­se sword tra­ning with us, explo­ring aiki­do prin­ci­ples and the­ir use in eve­ry­day life. In the mor­ning we exer­ci­sed a lot and after a good lunch we had a bit easier time – because one of the aims for the par­ti­ci­pants was to rest from the­ir hea­vy workload.

Team­bu­il­ding was really very nice, just see the peo­ple smi­ling in the pho­tos and the eva­luati­on we rece­i­ved from them:

“The goal of Aiki­do team­bu­il­ding was to offer employe­es the oppor­tu­ni­ty to learn some­thing new, to apply it sub­sequent­ly in pri­va­te life and to relax. Mar­tin Švih­la, toge­ther with other colle­a­gu­es, pre­pa­red a ple­a­sant day for us. In the mor­ning we focused on the Aiki­do tra­i­ning itself and in the after­no­on it was cal­mer and full of good advi­ce for life after a hear­ty lunch. Thank you for a nice experience.”

If you would like to spend a day with your team in aiki­do tra­i­ning, see the page about Aiki­do Team­bu­il­ding and fill out a pre-order for the program.