Aikido for children

Loo­king for an acti­vi­ty that hel­ps your child deve­lop in a vari­e­ty of ways?

Ethics, etiquet­te, and mutu­al respect are inhe­rent both to the Aiki­do tech­niques them­sel­ves and to the fra­mework of a mar­tial arts dojo. Balan­ced with pla­y­ful games, our Aiki­do tra­i­ning deve­lops not only postu­re and move­ment, but self-con­t­rol, deter­mi­nati­on, strai­ght­for­ward­ness, cou­rage and, abo­ve all, abi­li­ty to con­nect natu­rally with others and resol­ve con­flict without violence.

Aiki­do for chil­dren means fun phy­s­i­cal move­ment and ver­sa­ti­le education.
Under the gui­dan­ce of qua­li­fied teachers!

Inter­nati­o­nal Semi­nar for Chil­dren & You­th in our club in Novem­ber 2019.

Our tra­i­ning com­bi­nes the tra­di­ti­o­nal tea­ching sty­le of Aikido
with modern peda­go­gics and tra­i­ning methods.

Aikido Praha Vinohrady

School Year 2020/21

Who: Both boys and girls age 5–13 (13+ may visit Aiki­do for You­th)
Whe­re: Pro­stor 8, Šmi­lov­ské­ho 8, Pra­ha 2
What to wear: Practi­cal athle­tic clothes

Lan­gu­age of instructi­on: CZECH. Althou­gh we are hap­py to com­mu­ni­ca­te with you in Eng­lish, should you have a Czech spe­a­king child, we ask chil­dren who tra­in with us to be com­for­table in a Czech environment.
Addi­ti­o­nal acti­vi­ties: We orga­ni­ze an annu­al inter­nati­o­nal semi­nar and an out­do­or workshop.
Fees:  Our dojo is a mem­ber of the Czech Fede­rati­on of Aiki­do (ČFAI), which is reco­gni­zed by the world pre­mier Aiki­do orga­ni­zati­on the Aiki­kai Hom­bu Dojo. Mem­bers 15 years old and under pay 200 Kč a year in mem­ber­ship dues.
Tea­chers: Our tea­chers are licen­sed as tra­i­ners by the Czech Fede­rati­on of Aiki­do and enjoy wor­king with children.

Age 5–7

  • When: Once a week:
  • Group A: Mon­da­ys 15:00–15:50 (7 Sept 2020 – 14 June 2021)
  • Group B: Wed­ne­sda­ys 15:00–15:50 (9 Sept 2020 – 16 June 2021)
  • Tra­i­ning fee: First tra­i­ning free. 2200 Kč/six mon­ths, 3700 Kč/school year, fami­ly dis­count: 15 %
  • Tea­cher: Mar­tin Švih­la – tea­cher profile

Age 8–10

  • When: Twi­ce week­ly: Mon­day and Wed­ne­sday 16:00–16:55 (7 Sept 2020 – 16 June 2021)
  • Tra­i­ning fee: First tra­i­ning free, 2900 Kč/six mon­ths, 5400 Kč/school year, fami­ly dis­count: 15 %
  • Tea­cher: Mila­da Bou­zi­di – tea­cher profile

Age 11–13

  • When: Twi­ce week­ly (7 Sept 2020 – 16 June 2021): Mon­da­ys and Wed­ne­sda­ys 17:00–17:55
  • Tra­i­ning fee: First tra­i­ning free, 2900 Kč/six mon­ths, 5400 Kč/school year, fami­ly dis­count: 15 %
  • Tea­cher: Adam Nohejl and Jan Machá­ček – tea­cher profiles

You­th 13 and up

If you have a child 13 years old or older, ple­a­se visit Aiki­do for You­thREGISTRATION OPEN

Regular Training and Events

Each age group con­ta­ins around fif­te­en chil­dren and is led by a tea­cher and assistant, so your child will rece­i­ve ample indi­vi­du­al atten­ti­on. Our tea­chers hold black belts awar­ded by the world pre­mier Aiki­do dojo Aiki­kai Hom­bu and are licen­ced by the Minis­t­ry of Scho­o­ling and Education.

During the year, we also orga­ni­ze a fall inter­nati­o­nal semi­nar held in Pra­gue, a spring workshop held on a farm near Lito­mě­ři­ce, and a sum­mer trip to the Slo­vak moun­ta­ins. These acti­vi­ties are volun­ta­ry and not inclu­ded in our gene­ral fee. You can view them here.

The chil­dren in our crew have been advan­cing smo­o­th­ly sin­ce 2012. 

Some of them will even earn the­ir black belts early!

Additional Information

Aiki­do does not requi­re any par­ticu­lar phy­s­i­cal cha­rac­te­ris­tics or capa­bi­li­ties. Chil­dren take an exam once a year to advan­ce to the next tech­ni­cal level. They rece­i­ve a cer­ti­fi­ca­te and the next colo­red belt.

Tra­i­ning is held twi­ce a week–for the youn­gest once a week–with the excep­ti­on of sta­te holi­da­ys, scho­ol holi­da­ys as dec­la­red by the MŠMT, and the first and last weeks of the scho­ol year. The first and last dates are found in the descrip­ti­on of each group. Maxi­mally one tra­i­ning per semes­ter may be can­celled with pre­vi­ous announcement.

Detail infor­mati­on about con­tent and orga­ni­zati­on of our tra­i­nings can be found in our Ope­ra­ting stan­dards (in Czech language).

Online registration for the 2020/2021 school year is open!

Capa­ci­ty is limi­ted, so ple­a­se regis­ter your child as soon as possible.

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