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About us

About us

For us, Aiki­do is joy, art, ver­sa­ti­le deve­lo­p­ment, balan­ce in the city rush, alche­my workshop, smart gym, non-vio­lent self-defen­se, con­structi­ve con­flict reso­lu­ti­on, a pla­ce to rechar­ge ener­gy, practi­ce prin­ci­ples for eve­ry­day life and pla­ce to meet inte­res­ting people.

We have about 200 mem­bers in our club – all ages and levels. We have aiki­do clas­ses eve­ry day, we orga­ni­ze semi­nars with top tea­chers from abroad, we tra­vel for aiki­do around the world. In our dai­ly tra­i­ning we com­bi­ne tra­di­ti­o­nal Japa­ne­se methods with modern appro­a­ches of body and mind development.

In many ways, we are a world class aiki­do club.


We are a lar­ge and well-estab­lished club with 150 mem­bers (around 80 adults and 70 chil­dren). Rou­gh­ly 30% of our mem­bers are women. Chil­dren and you­th tra­in in four age groups, and as they grow, they gra­du­ally advan­ce until they join the adults. We offer 20 hours of tra­i­ning a week led by ten tea­chers with high degre­es of tech­ni­cal ran­king and edu­cati­on. During tra­i­ning, we use both tra­di­ti­o­nal and modern tea­ching methods, tre­a­ting Aiki­do as gene­ral deve­lo­p­ment for the body, mind, and inter­per­so­nal relati­on­ships. Our club holds five inter­nati­o­nal semi­nars a year led by world-class inter­nati­o­nal tea­chers. We offer week­ly sum­mer scho­ol and orga­ni­ze spe­cial semi­nars and workshops for chil­dren and tee­nagers. As tea­chers, we are also con­stant­ly furthe­ring our own edu­cati­on, tra­ve­ling the world for inspi­rati­on. Out­si­de of tra­i­ning, we meet for cano­eing, day­trips, in pubs after tra­i­ning… In Aiki­do it is use­less to com­pa­re one­self with others—we hold no com­pe­ti­ti­ons to pro­ve who is best. Neverthe­less, if you con­si­der the extent of our acti­vi­ties and the rich­ness of our appro­ach to Aiki­do, you are unli­ke­ly to find a simi­lar club in Prague. 
Aiki­do is sui­table for both men and women, and our par­ti­ci­pants ran­ge from five to six­ty years old. No pri­or phy­s­i­cal tra­i­ning is necessa­ry. Chil­dren and you­th are divi­ded into four age cate­go­ries: 5–7, 8–10, 11–12 and 13–16; tho­se over 17 tra­in with the adults. 
Yes! Over the years, many inter­nati­o­nals have tra­i­ned with us. When Eng­lish spe­a­kers are pre­sent, the tea­cher holds the tra­i­ning bilin­gu­ally. Sim­ply get in touch with us and we will dis­cuss how to inte­gra­te you. Unfor­tu­na­te­ly, we are not offe­ring any Eng­lish-spe­a­king tra­i­ning for chil­dren at this time, althou­gh we are hap­py to com­mu­ni­ca­te with parents in Eng­lish, should you have a Czech-spe­a­king child. 
We hold three-mon­th begin­ner cour­ses for adults three times a year. If you have tra­i­ned Aiki­do befo­re, or if the sche­du­le of the begin­ner cour­ses doesn’t work for you, ple­a­se wri­te to and we will dis­cuss how we can connect. 
Wor­king with chil­dren is very impor­tant to us. We wit­ness Aiki­do help chil­dren grow into inde­pen­dent and self-aware adults who know how to cre­a­te a pla­ce for them­sel­ves in soci­e­ty. Chil­dren and tee­nagers tra­in in age groups of 5–7, 8–10, 11–12 and 13–16. Each group has around 15 chil­dren and meets either once or twi­ce a week. Tra­i­ning is usu­ally led by a tea­cher and an assistant, so chil­dren have ample indi­vi­du­al atten­ti­on; we try to deve­lop relati­on­ships with parents, too. Throu­ghout the year, we orga­ni­ze a fall inter­nati­o­nal semi­nar held in Pra­gue, a spring workshop held on a farm near Lito­mě­ři­ce, and a sum­mer trip to the Slo­vak moun­ta­ins. Some of the older you­th also attend tra­i­ning and semi­nars for adults. 
Visit our page tra­i­ning for chil­dren, then find your child’s age cate­go­ry and the desi­red time slot. If spa­ces are avai­la­ble, sim­ply fill out our regis­trati­on form and we will get in touch with you. At this time, we are only tra­i­ning with chil­dren in Czech, althou­gh we are hap­py to com­mu­ni­ca­te with Eng­lish-spe­a­king parents. If you need any addi­ti­o­nal infor­mati­on, ple­a­se wri­te an email to.
All our tea­chers have a high degree of tech­ni­cal ran­king (black belt) gran­ted by a worl­dwi­de pre­mier Aiki­do orga­ni­zati­on, Aiki­kai Hom­bu Dojo, and are cer­ti­fied as tra­i­ners by the Minis­t­ry of Edu­cati­on, You­th and Phy­s­i­cal Edu­cati­on. Mar­tin Švih­la, our main tea­cher, has practi­ced Japa­ne­se mar­tial arts sin­ce 1988 and holds fourth dan from Aiki­kai Hom­bu. He stu­died to be an Aiki­do tra­i­ner at uni­ver­si­ty and is now a class one tra­i­ner. Mar­tin Švih­la also stu­died Shi­at­su, a Japa­ne­se form of ener­gy message, and other the­ra­pe­u­tic tech­niques. Our tea­chers rece­i­ve further tra­i­ning from the Czech Fede­rati­on of Aiki­do. We con­ti­nue to grow as tea­chers and as peo­ple at semi­nars led by inter­nati­o­nal tea­chers, whom we regu­lar­ly invi­te to Pra­gue. To gain expe­ri­en­ce and inspi­rati­on, we also visit clubs and semi­nars in Japan and throu­ghout Europe. 
A pictu­re is worth a thou­sand words. You can find many pho­tos of our acti­vi­ties on our pho­to­blog, on Face­book or on Instagram. Videos from tra­i­nings and semi­nars are posted to You­Tu­be. Eve­ry year we pub­lish a richly illustra­ted news­let­ter, whe­re you can find lots of other infor­mati­on. If you would like to know about the orga­ni­zati­ons we work with, have a look at our part­ners. If the­re is any­thing else you would like to know, do not hesi­ta­te to con­tact us directly. 
We like good com­pa­ny and good food, so they have an impor­tant pla­ce in our club. Usu­ally we go for a meal at a pub not far from the Sokol, but some­ti­mes we go somewhe­re else—to try bur­gers, for exam­ple, or new spe­ci­al­ties in the area. Once in a whi­le, our mem­bers even brew the­ir own beer—and then we get to tas­te it at our week­ly sum­mer scho­ol at Vysočany! 
Aikido Prague Vinohrady

Our programs for beginners

Lidé o nás …

Gre­at expe­ri­en­ce, won­der­ful tea­chers, the basic Aiki­do cour­se is tau­ght very clear­ly, under­stan­da­bly with natu­ral ease. Eve­ry­o­ne seems to find the­ir own rea­son and pur­po­se in the practi­ce and why they con­ti­nue on. For me per­so­nally, it hel­ps both phy­s­i­cally – you find that you start to auto­ma­ti­cally use muscles you did­n’t even know you had and your coor­di­nati­on impro­ves, and men­tally – as you keep practi­cing and repe­a­ting the tech­niques, you start to think more about each step in your life, you gain more per­specti­ve and balan­ce. Of cour­se, it is impossi­ble to sum­ma­ri­ze eve­ry­thing in a short report, but in any case I rate the Aiki­do tra­i­ning and the who­le Aiki­do Vino­hra­dy club as a very valu­a­ble experience.

Vlasta Hynková

I was brou­ght to this club and at the same time to aiki­do by a per­son of the main tea­cher, whom I had known befo­re from other (non-aiki­­do) semi­nars. I have been practi­cing Aiki­do sin­ce 2015 and sin­ce then it has beco­me an inte­gral part of my life. It is a gre­at club with gre­at atmosphe­re. I recommend.

Tomáš, lawyer

I have been practi­cing here sin­ce 2015, when I have been care­fully selecting the club. I like Aiki­do more and more and I high­ly recom­mend any­o­ne who wants to link phy­s­i­cal exer­ci­se with the way of self-knowled­­ge. I cho­se this Dojo main­ly because the­re is a fri­en­dly atmosphe­re and sui­table con­di­ti­ons for the com­ple­te deve­lo­p­ment of human personality.

Michal, coach and guide

Respect­ful, non-vio­lent com­mu­ni­cati­on in phy­s­i­cal move­ment. Per­so­nal deve­lo­p­ment in which you fly throu­gh the air, clear your head and correct your posture.

Zuzka, social worker

I have been practi­cing here sin­ce 2014 and I am very hap­py. Althou­gh I have tried seve­ral other sports, none have offe­red me such a com­pre­hensi­ve appro­ach to buil­ding a heal­thy body and mind. The prin­ci­ples of aiki­do offer me a gre­at over­lap, which hel­ps me to bet­ter sol­ve even com­ple­te­ly “non-com­bat” situati­ons – like com­mu­ni­cati­on 🙂 Try it too!

Ondra, owner of an educational company

Dau­gh­ter goes to aiki­do for 3 years, I recom­mend it 🙂

Miroslava, mom

Gre­at, world class club. Many semi­nars with fore­ign teachers.

Oldřich, owner of internet company

What I like about aiki­do is its vari­a­bi­li­ty and the fact that the same tech­nique can have a very dif­fe­rent out­co­me based on situation.

Luboš, official

Dojo with expe­ri­en­ced tea­chers and a gre­at team. Aiki­do is tra­i­ned not only as a set of tech­niques, but as a ver­sa­ti­le deve­lo­p­ment, an inspi­rati­on for life. (In four years I have met other good dojo and good tea­chers, but I still practi­ce in Vino­hra­dy, althou­gh it has been out of hand for some time. It’s worth it.)

Adam, software developer and teacher

What I find the most inte­res­ting about aiki­do is the its abi­li­ty to deve­lop a sen­se of one’s own body and natu­ral movement.

Karolína, graphic designer

In addi­ti­on to the phy­s­i­cal exer­ci­se I get from aiki­do, I like how we try to sol­ve con­flicts gra­ce­fu­ly without need­less vio­len­ce. I also really appre­ci­a­te the ple­a­sant, fri­en­dly atmosphe­re of our dojo.

Vítek, Software developer

What I like in aiki­do is lear­ning how to blend in con­flict, accep­ting what comes from the oppo­nent whi­le main­ta­i­ning my own balan­ce. It also beco­mes a phi­lo­so­phy of life out­si­de the dojo. All of that without the need to fight, love it all!

Carmen, traveller, Spain

I sit on a chair throu­gh most of the day, so I really appre­ci­a­te the eve­ning aiki­do tra­i­nings whe­re I can give my body a tho­rou­gh wor­kout, cle­an my head and relax sti­ff muscles.

Jarda, web developer

I like biking, I play ten­nis, I am lear­ning to ska­te on in-lines, and if you knew me, you would know that this is a life-long batt­le for me. Aiki­do tea­ches me how to accept this, bre­athe in deeply, and rega­in energy.

Jirka, information system development methodologist

Why do I practi­ce Aiki­do? For hap­pi­ness! For ple­a­su­re of exer­ci­sing, a ple­a­sant envi­ron­ment and a fri­en­dly atmosphere …

Míša, graphic designer