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Aikido semináře

Aiki­do semi­nar: Jan Neve­lius (7th dan)
31. March 2023 –  2. April 2023 
Venue: TJ Sokol Pra­ha Vinohrady

In April Jan Neve­lius Shi­han (7th dan) from Sweden will lead a semi­nar at our dojo. Jan is very inte­res­ting and in many ways out­stan­ding aiki­do tea­cher who also does shi­at­su, aku­punctu­re and chi kung.

Aiki­do semi­nar: Franck Noël (7. dan)
29. April 2023 –  30. April 2023 
Venue: TJ Sokol Pra­ha Vinohrady

The wee­kend semi­nar at the end of spring with Franck Noel.

Aiki­do semi­nar: Gas­ton Nico­les­si (6th dan)
2. June 2023 –  4. June 2023 
Venue: TJ Sokol Pra­ha Vinohrady

French tea­cher Gas­ton Nico­les­si (6th dan) will lead the semi­nar at our dojo in June 2023.

Aiki­do sum­mer scho­ol – Mar­tin Švih­la (5th dan) – Třešť 2023
7. August 2023 –  13. August 2023 
Venue: Sokol­ský dům Třešť

7 days and 6 hours of tra­i­ning per day. Tra­i­nings without wea­pons and with wea­pons, indo­ors and out­do­ors, day and night, in kei­­ko-gi as well as in sport­su­it. And between clas­ses some food, games, massages, sle­e­ping, other volun­ta­ry exer­ci­ses and exams. Some­ti­mes we also sle­ep. Sim­ply a week with aiki­do in the Czech Highlands!

Aiki­do Sum­mer Ber­lin 2023
24. August 2023 –  27. August 2023 

This is a spe­cial sum­mer event in near­by Ber­lin. Jan Neve­lius, Jor­ma Lyly, Gas­ton Nico­les­si and 5 other tea­chers with 5–7th dan, inclu­ding our tea­cher Mar­tin Švih­la, will be tea­ching the­re. And some of the other years of the “Aiki­do Sum­mer” will be in Stoc­kholm or Tou­lou­se or here in Vino­hra­dy… that’s why this invi­tati­on belon­gs here.
Any­way, if you want to make a nice Aiki­do trip to Ber­lin this year…

Inter­nati­o­nal 24-hour Aiki­do Marathon 2023
23. Sep­tem­ber 2023 –  24. Sep­tem­ber 2023 
Venue: TJ Sokol Pra­ha Vinohrady

In Sep­tem­ber 2023 will be Inter­nati­o­nal 24-hour Aiki­do Marathon in our dojo held by 14 tea­chers from 7 Euro­pe­an countries.

Semi­nar aiki­do: Zden­ko Regu­li (6th dan)
9. Decem­ber 2023 
Venue: TJ Sokol Pra­ha Vinohrady

In Decem­ber the­re will be a semi­nar led by Zden­ko Regu­li (6th dan) in our dojo. The­re will also be exams.
Eve­ry­bo­dy is welcome. 

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