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The sche­du­le is valid from Sep­tem­ber 2020 to June 2021.
The­re will be a dif­fe­rent sche­du­le for the sum­mer holi­day 2021.

We practi­ce at two dif­fe­rent locati­on (indi­ca­ted on the sche­du­le abo­ve):
Sokol Pra­ha Vino­hra­dy, Pol­ská 1a, Pra­ha 2
Pro­stor 8, Šmi­lov­ské­ho 8, Pra­ha 2.

Training fees for adults

Wor­king peo­ple Students/Unemployed
3 Mon­ths 2800 Kč (933 Kč per mon­th) 2000 Kč (667 Kč per mon­th)
5 Mon­ths 4300 Kč (860 Kč per mon­th) 3000 Kč (600 Kč per mon­th)
10 Mon­ths 7400 Kč (740 Kč per mon­th) 5000 Kč (500 Kč per mon­th)
Fun­da­men­tals aiki­do cour­se 2900 Kč 2200 Kč
  • The first les­son is free.
  • A club mem­ber can attend all clas­ses from the sche­du­le.
  • Club mem­bers pay 600 Kč per a scho­ol year for a licen­se of our Aiki­do orga­ni­zati­on ČFAI (Czech Fede­rati­on of Aiki­do). New mem­bers pay addi­ti­o­nal 50 Kč for an orga­ni­zati­o­nal passport (only once per life).

Training descriptions

Aikido – all levels

Tra­i­ning is open to all club mem­bers. Begin­ners work toge­ther with more advan­ced stu­dents for the bene­fit of both of these groups.

Aikido – advanced

This tra­i­ning is for stu­dents with 4th kyu and higher (who can fall flui­dly and han­dle basic tech­niques). This is a spa­ce for more dyna­mic and/or com­plex practi­ce.

Weapons Training

A part of hand tech­niques in Aiki­do comes from the Japa­ne­se fen­cing arts. The­re­fo­re wor­king with wea­pons is natu­rally inclu­ded in Aiki­do tra­i­ning: we use  a woo­den sword (boken), sta­ff (jo) and kni­fe (tan­to). Wor­king with a sword hel­ps to deve­lop a postu­re, power in the body­’s cen­ter, con­cen­t­rati­on, deter­mi­nati­on and pre­ci­si­on.


To relax and rege­ne­ra­te after a week of tra­i­ning, we do a sim­ple massage or stret­ching in pairs. You will learn the basic tech­niques of the Japa­ne­se ener­ge­tic massage shi­at­su, which builds on the same prin­ci­ples as Aiki­do – the ide­as of balan­ce and har­mo­ny, gent­le, firm con­tact, and wor­king from one’s cen­ter…

Aikido – free pracive

A spa­ce for eve­ry­o­ne to practi­ce on the tata­mi without a tea­cher. The class has no pre­de­ter­mi­ned structu­re; usu­ally a few groups form and practi­ce wha­te­ver they wish. Even the com­ple­te begin­ners are usu­ally taken care of by the more advan­ced stu­dents. We do recom­mend to plan­ning practi­ce with others during the week. This practi­ce may occasi­o­nally be can­celled.

Some food and drinks after evening classes

We usu­ally don’t spe­ak too much during tra­i­nings, and often reser­ve time for all kinds of soci­a­li­zing in a near­by restau­rant. These “eating and drin­king clas­ses” are not necessa­ry for mas­te­ring aiki­do tech­niques, but being with fri­ends is a very ple­a­sant part of our tra­i­ning:).