Summer Youth Camp – Jeseníky 2022

A cot­tage near the forest, tra­i­ning on the moun­ta­in mea­dow, coo­king toge­ther, hiking up the hills on the hori­zon, mor­ning exer­ci­ses and night walks, con­ver­sati­ons by the fire, swi­m­ming in the spa town, rea­ding comics and watching horror movies… our camp in Jese­ní­ky was really very varied!

These camps are beco­ming a tra­di­ti­on for us – it was the fourth time we went to the natu­re with young aiki­dists. This time we ren­ted a cot­tage in the mid­dle of the Jese­ní­ky Moun­ta­ins for a week and enjoyed regu­lar tra­i­ning sessi­ons, time toge­ther and the magic of the moun­ta­ins. The the­me of the tra­i­ning was a strong and stable cen­t­re – a qua­li­ty that is use­ful in aiki­do and in eve­ry­day life.
By the end of the week we were pret­ty much exhaus­ted – as most of us had pre­vi­ous­ly atten­ded the adult sum­mer scho­ol and also a week of sum­mer scho­ol on the island of Ole­ron in France.

And next year? We are thin­king of going to the Slo­vak Para­di­se aga­in for the you­th camp.