A trip to France in search of Aikido

This year, ele­ven of us went on the annu­al trip to Fran­ce, so we were really an unmissa­ble group at the sum­mer aiki­do scho­ol on the island of Ole­ron. Also because most of us were young stu­dents around 18 years old.

We swam in the Atlan­tic Oce­an, sam­pled French deli­ca­cies, slept on the beach and spent time with fri­ends in our free time. However, we can defi­ni­te­ly say that the best expe­ri­en­ce was practi­cing Aiki­do with Gas­ton Nico­les­si. We practi­ced in all con­di­ti­ons, in gre­at heat, mor­ning and eve­ning, and we all lear­ned a lot of new things.

We tho­rou­gh­ly enjoyed our week at Olé­ron with dai­ly aiki­do practi­ce, swi­m­ming and stren­gthe­ning our relati­on­ships and look for­ward to next year!