Suburban aikido camps for children (2022)

Our subur­ban camps are full of exer­ci­ses, games and Japa­ne­se cul­tu­re. Chil­dren first learn to be strong figh­ters, and then aiki­dists – peo­ple who help others and pro­tect life. This year we aga­in held two dates and had a gre­at time with the kids.
The chil­dren, aged 6–13, spend five days toge­ther and each day we have 3 tra­i­ning sessi­ons: warri­or, aiki­dist and out­do­or (in natu­re). In between the tra­i­ning sessi­ons we do vari­ous Japa­ne­se acti­vi­ties (cal­li­gra­phy, shi­at­su massage, ori­ga­mi, sushi pre­pa­rati­on, eating with chops­ticks…) and also dis­cuss toge­ther the vari­ous human vir­tu­es that mar­tial arts edu­ca­te us to.
The who­le camp ends with an enter­ta­i­ning per­for­man­ce for the parents, in which the chil­dren demon­stra­te what they have lear­ned during the camp.

We would like to thank the Edu­cati­on Depart­ment of the Pra­gue 2 Muni­ci­pal Dis­t­rict for the­ir sup­port of the camps.