Food, wine, exercise… Barcelona

It was still bit­ter­ly cold in Pra­gue in Febru­a­ry, and we were gree­ted at Bar­ce­lo­na air­port by the sun and the smell of the near­by sea. Our trip was off to a pro­mi­sing start.
The­re were four of us – Mar­tin, Michal, Pavel and Elis­ka – going to the semi­nar with Franck Noel and our curi­o­si­ty was not limi­ted to aiki­do. Bar­ce­lo­na is one of the most beau­ti­ful cities in Europe.
And so we wan­de­red throu­gh the alleys with tan­ge­ri­nes growing on the tre­es. Admi­ring the Sagra­da Fami­lia. We visi­ted tapas bars, enjoyed Spa­nish red and Por­tu­gu­e­se gre­en wine, sam­pled hams and sea creatures.
Our Spa­nish fri­ends drag­ged us out to a gre­at restau­rant – 6–7 cour­ses of the best of Cata­lo­nia – even the din­ner time was very local: we star­ted at 10:30pm and finished with cof­fee and des­sert half an hour after midnight.
We could­n’t have done more in two days. So as we dro­ve back throu­gh the Czech win­ter from Pra­gue air­port, we agre­ed that Bar­ce­lo­na is defi­ni­te­ly worth ano­ther visit! Will you join us?