We collect wine at Bogdan Trojak’s!

Aiki­do is also work in the vineyard, we agre­ed with our youn­gs­ters. One Satur­day in Octo­ber, we enjoyed the fre­sh air whi­le pic­king gra­pes on the hill abo­ve Žer­no­se­ky, whe­re Bogdan Tro­jak has a vineyard and we some­ti­mes help him out.

We woke up ear­ly in the mor­ning and arri­ved at the pla­ce in the mor­ning fog. We could­n’t see even a few meters, almost by touch we were pic­king and cut­ting the tas­sels, our fin­gers wet from the cold dew. Then the sun began to appear and the wind fre­ed the river and surroun­ding hills from the mor­ning haze. The buz­zing of bees per­me­a­ted the mid­day heat and our fin­gers were stic­ky with gra­pe jui­ce. We proudly carried cra­tes full of gra­pes up the hill to the vineyard hou­se, as if we were gold miners brin­ging cra­tes of gold out of the mine. And the reward was the tas­te of fre­sh cider as the berries were ground.

When the work was done, we sat over the vineyard, watching the sun­set, eating meat roas­ted on the fire and washing it down with last year’s wine from the same hillside.

We had a sen­su­al fee­ling of satis­facti­on and ful­fill­ment from a day well spent.

And in that moment, we agre­ed with the young aiki­dists that wor­king in the vineyard is aiki­do too.