“Aikido is not what you think” from our French friends

“Aiki­do is not what you think” is a very nice video from our fri­ends at Dojo de la Rose­raie. In it you will see among others Franck Noel and Gas­ton Nico­les­si, with whom we tra­in regu­lar­ly in Pra­gue and France.

The video sim­ply and clear­ly pre­sents aiki­do, its goals and means… and also shows the joy that we expe­ri­en­ce in the practice.

It is lite­rally a caress to the soul in the flo­od of dre­ams of vio­len­ce and other stran­ge depicti­ons of aiki­do, of which the­re are many on youtube.
So we hear­ti­ly recom­mend it to abso­lu­te­ly eve­ry­o­ne – begin­ners, advan­ced, tea­chers and peo­ple who have­n’t heard much about aiki­do yet!

And if you don’t know French, you can turn on the auta­ma­ti­cally transla­ted subtitles: