Our aikido summer school 2010

The sum­mer scho­ol of our dojo was 7 days long this year and aga­in took pla­ce in a small town Třešť in Mora­vi­an highlands.

In spi­te of 5 hours of inten­se dai­ly tra­i­ning some were able to practi­ce one more hour in the eve­ning. Days was sim­pli­fied to the practi­ce, food and sle­ep. Between these main acti­vi­ties we just rest, swam in near­by natu­ral lake and pla­yed fun­ny games. In other words, we were together.

To see more have a look at the pictu­res below (by Michal R., Šte­fan F. a Mar­tin Š.). The­re are also pho­tos from the last year.

Many thanks go to aiki­do club in Třešť for the­ir hospi­ta­li­ty and showers.