New promo video of our club

We made a video. About Aiki­do and about us. In our video, the­re are peo­ple who practi­ce toge­ther. It con­ta­ins move­ment, joy, touch, con­cen­t­rati­on, com­mu­ni­cati­on, huma­ni­ty, pla­y­ful­ness and depth.

No recycled ori­en­tal wisdom, no “real self-defen­se” (ie. dre­ams about vio­len­ce), no com­pe­ti­ti­on for the most fan­cy aiki­do tech­nique in the world.

Just the rea­li­ty and the atmosphe­re of our tra­i­ning. Video about peo­ple. Video from peo­ple and for people.

Have a look! How do you like it? This is the “real aiki­do” that we expe­ri­en­ce eve­ry training.