Karaoke and the Friday night fever

This eve­ning was unpre­dictable, it was the first time most of us had been to a kara­o­ke bar. Is any­o­ne gon­na show up? And who? The possi­ble group chan­ged all Fri­day, peo­ple chec­king in and out as the­ir sche­du­le con­ti­nu­ally chan­ged. In the end, eigh­te­en of us showed up. First sin­ging attempts, first drinks, uncer­ta­in­ty gra­du­ally dispelled by lau­gh­ter. For­tu­na­te­ly, the­re are tho­se among us who can skill­fully balan­ce between awk­ward­ness and wit and managed to pull the others down. But we had no idea what awai­ted us later.

As we sang along, Eng­lish son­gs began to be repla­ced by Ita­li­an, Roma­ni­an, Fin­nish and Chi­ne­se pop hits… Soon two micro­pho­nes were not enou­gh, and we were all shou­ting some things with pleasure.
At its best, the moni­tor showed 3, 2, 1, 0 seconds and the song faded out hal­fway throu­gh. The boo­ked two hours pas­sed all too quickly.

Nego­ti­ati­ons about whe­ther to buy ano­ther hour were interrup­ted by Ange­li­ca: “I go to café in Hole­šo­vi­ce, the­re is an open mic jam sessi­on and my fri­ends are pla­y­ing tonight.”
The deci­si­on was made in a few seconds, the tram ride across the river did­n’t take much longer.

The café was so crow­ded that you could­n’t walk throu­gh. The­re were a few chairs in the cor­ner whe­re any­o­ne who wan­ted to play and sing for others could sit. Argen­ti­ni­an street food, Ita­li­an red wine, Úne­tic beer, very fri­en­dly inter­nati­o­nal atmosphe­re, gre­at musi­ci­ans. And sin­ce a lot of peo­ple knew Ange­li­ca (not like Jonah in Ber­lin!), we were soon part of the local fami­ly. Ange­li­ca sang – Ele­a­nor Rig­by and “all the lone­ly peo­ple” rang in my ears all night. Ami sang and pla­yed her own son­gs on the gui­tar! As the eve­ning matu­red, the pla­ce emptied out – we were even allowed to sit down. We tal­ked over each other, shou­ting over the music, some pla­y­ing Carcassone.
After 1am, a few of us took a taxi home. And for the next night it con­ti­nu­ed until the final one at 3 🙂

If you mis­sed this ride, don’t regret it. We are plan­ning more par­ties and will let you know in due course!