Successful black belt exams

The exams are an impor­tant miles­to­ne in the life of an aiki­dist – and the black belt exams even more so. At this year’s semi­nar with Franck Noel, seven bra­ve mem­bers of our club advan­ced to the next dan level. These are them and the­ir new degrees:

Jan Váňa, 1st dan Aikikai
Oldřich Antoš, 2nd dan Aikikai
Mila­da Bou­zi­di, 2nd dan Aikikai
Matouš Miha­li­ček, 2nd dan Aikikai
Radek Při­byl, 2nd dan Aikikai
Vlá­ďa Šedi­vý, 2nd dan Aikikai
Mar­tin Gor­čák, 3rd dan Aikikai

They did really nice aiki­do at the tests – con­gra­tu­lati­ons to all of them!