Three seminars at the end of 2010

At the end of 2010 we held three semi­nars in our dojo. In Octo­ber we hos­ted Franck Noel from Fran­ce, Ste­fan Ste­nudd from Sweden in Novem­ber and we clo­sed the year in Decem­ber with Zde­nek Regu­li from Brno.

As usu­al, aiki­do­ka, from across the Repub­lic and surroun­ding coun­tries, gathe­red here for Fran­k’s semi­nar. In con­trast, sur­pri­sin­g­ly few guests atten­ded Ste­fa­n’s semi­nar, but many mem­bers of our dojo did attend, so we basi­cally ended up having a Club semi­nar in the lar­ge area. Last but not least, Zden­ko’s semi­nar was held, tra­di­ti­o­nally, in our small gym, which we usu­ally manage to com­ple­te­ly fill. Zden­ko’s semi­nar was followed by our club’s Christmas Party.

Franck does not really like pho­to­gra­phing during tra­i­ning, and at Ste­fa­n’s semi­nar eve­ry­o­ne was tra­i­ning and nobo­dy had a came­ra in hand, so the pictu­res are all from the Decem­ber seminar.

Pho­to­gra­phers: Mar­tin, Van­da and Tomáš.