Aikido on Ratolest Fest 2016

Rato­lest Fest is “the best fami­ly day by water” in Pra­gue. These pictu­res are from year 2016 which we par­ti­ci­pa­ted. During the day the­re could be about 300 chil­dren practi­ced with us. Fen­cing, lay­ing about on tata­mi and won­ders of basic tech­niques were real fun for them.
Spe­cial thanks to our chil­dern tea­chers Jar­da and Jana, Matouš, Mar­tin, litt­le Jar­da and many hel­pers from our young stu­dents: Eliš­ka, Isa­bel­la, Natha­niel, Lukáš, Honza…

Pho­tos: Matouš Miha­li­ček (, Jaro­slav Váňa and Ratolest