Kouchi Tanaka in Prague, summer 2011

Japa­ne­se tea­cher Kou­chi Tana­ka (7th dan) led the four-day-long semi­nar in our dojo at the end of August 2011.
Tana­ka sen­sei, who is about 70 years-old, was per­for­ming beau­ti­ful aiki­do and sword­sman­ship, but the main points of his tea­ching were gene­ral prin­ci­ples – how to keep correct postu­re, use body or work with partner.
We orga­ni­zed the event in coo­pe­rati­on with three other aiki­do dojos and thus many peo­ple from dif­fe­rent parts of Pra­gue and Czech repub­lic atten­ded the practi­ce. Of cour­se, dear guests from abroad came, too.
(The beau­ti­ful black-and-whi­te pictu­res were taken by Geor­gia Aslanidou.)