Children and spring nature at the farm

“Bang on you” – this was pro­ba­bly the most frequent phra­se of our aiki­do wee­kend toge­ther. Tra­di­ti­o­nally, in ear­ly May, we went toge­ther with the aiki­do kids to the Svo­bod­ný sta­tek na sou­to­ku. The the­me of the camp was the ques­ti­on, “What good is aiki­do to us in life?”

In addi­ti­on to practi­cing Aiki­do, we also practi­ced our con­cen­t­rati­on and sta­mi­na whi­le doing cho­res on the farm – this year we plan­ted deli­ca­ta oni­ons, cle­a­ned spring oni­ons, thin­ned raspberries and rhu­barb, and plan­ted swor­d­flowers. The older ones hel­ped the youn­ger ones and the youn­ger ones, in turn, showed us the­ir enthusi­asm and ener­gy in sword fights. The­re was also wisdom from our favou­ri­te Kung Fu Pan­da. And in the mid­dle of all the fun, we pla­yed a game of Bang. The group at the game was con­stant­ly chan­ging – star­ting first thing in the mor­ning after waking up and during the day eve­ry free moment was used to play.

And what did we even­tu­ally come to regar­ding the use of aiki­do in eve­ry­day life? In the final eva­luati­on of the who­le wee­kend, the thou­ght was heard at least three times, in dif­fe­rent forms, “Any­thing is possi­ble when you are calm.”