Aikido t‑shirts and sweatshirts

T‑shirts only for aiki­dists!?! In our club we have cre­a­ted (so far) 16 dif­fe­rent designs of aiki­do t‑shirts – fun­ny, with inscrip­ti­ons, cal­li­gra­phy, typo­gra­phy! The­re are prints pure­ly for the club and also just about aikido.

For each shirt you can cho­o­se the color, size and cut. You have a cho­ice of t‑shirts for men, for women and for chil­dren. And you can also print tho­se prints on a sweat­shirt or tank top. The more expensi­ve models also have a print on the back (cal­li­gra­phy or “aiki­do”), so you have to unfold them to see them all.
When you order a shirt, they will mail it to you. Easy!

Which model do you like best?