United seminar: Aikido & Systema

The first uni­ted semi­nar with Sys­te­ma Pra­gue club was gre­at success!

Sys­te­ma Pra­gue club practi­se in the same gym as we do. We rea­li­zed very soon that except this we have much com­mon like prin­ci­ples of practi­se and fact that both clubs are com­pa­nies of fri­en­dly and nice people.
So it was only mat­ter of time sin­ce we’ll do uni­ted seminar.

On Satur­day 1st March we finally met on one tata­mi and under Martin’s and Dmitri’s gui­dan­ce we were exa­mi­na­ting prin­ci­ples of these mar­tial arts that are com­mon to both of them (this time it was bre­athing, posi­ti­on of body, con­tact and disba­lan­cing) from point of view of aiki­do and sys­te­ma. The semi­nar was suc­cess­ful – all of us were sur­p­ri­ced by simi­la­ri­ty of com­mon the­mes and inspi­rati­on from our uni­ted tra­i­ning. At the end we deci­ded that in the futu­re we will orga­ni­ze simi­lar semi­nar again.