Aikido summer school, August 2009

The first week in August we orga­ni­zed our first aiki­do sum­mer scho­ol – five days of inten­se tra­i­ning in the small town Třešť.
Dai­ly pro­gram inclu­ded two aiki­do tra­i­nings and a class of vari­ous move­ment exer­ci­ses led by dan­ce tea­cher Anka.
Besi­de this practi­ce we were also swi­m­ming in a lake, pla­y­ing pool and table ten­nis in a local pub, eating, drin­king and res­ting from the spe­e­dy Prague.
(Pho­tos by Mar­tin, Luc­ka, Van­da a Mar­tin Čáp)