Aikido Summer – how we enjoyed Berlin

Aiki­do Sum­mer is four days of aiki­do with eight tea­chers in Ber­lin. And it’s also a lot of fri­ends, cul­tu­re and good food. Ber­lin is just chic.

This event is joint­ly orga­ni­zed eve­ry year by Kra­nich Dojo Krauzberg from Ber­lin, Dojo de la Rose­raie from Tou­lou­se, Vana­dis Dojo from Stoc­kholm and our Aiki­do Pra­gue Vino­hra­dy. So we are kind of at home the­re and this year 12 of us went there.

We really enjoyed it – the tra­i­ning sessi­ons, the eve­nings in restau­rants, wal­king around the streets and squa­res, sle­e­ping in the dojo and also the end party.

Next year’s event will be 29.8.–1.9.2024 – you can join us! Check the Aiki­do Sum­mer web­si­te for details.