Aikido: short introduction video

Aiki­do has many dif­fe­rent faces: ele­gant cir­cu­lar tech­niques, dyna­mic and fast throws and pins. All the tech­niques, however, stem from a sin­gle prin­ci­ple: step for­ward and mer­ge with the attack. Begin­ners begin tra­i­ning the tech­niques in a slow pace star­ting from sta­tic and safe grabs. Then the tra­i­ning gets more fluid and bre­ak falls more dyna­mic. Tra­i­ning starts to resem­ble an enga­ging and pla­y­ful dia­lo­gue. The­re’s no use resis­ting by for­ce to a stron­ger oppo­nent, or mul­tiple oppo­nents. But we can inste­ad mer­ge with the attack. Aiki means joi­ning of ener­gies, or unity.