Aikido Summer Day Camps for Children 2021

In this camp, chil­dren first beco­me strong and cou­rage­ous warri­ors and then they learn to be aiki­dists – peo­ple who help others and pro­tect lives. This year we expe­ri­en­ced 5 days full of tra­i­ning, games and Japa­ne­se cul­tu­re insi­de in the gym and out­si­de in nature.

We move a lot in this camp, but we also do acti­vi­ties rela­ted to Japa­ne­se cul­tu­re (Japa­ne­se wri­ting, ori­ga­mi, shi­at­su massages…) and talk about impor­tant human vir­tu­es such as per­se­ve­ran­ce, enthusi­asm, cou­rage or friendship.

Basia Heger, the mother of one of the chil­dren, wro­te us this review after the camp:

“I high­ly recom­mend subur­ban aiki­do camp!!! Our six-year-old dau­gh­ter was at a subur­ban aiki­do camp for the first time. We were a litt­le worried about how she would like it in the mixed age group. But in the end, she tur­ned out to be a gre­at, inspi­ring team. The dau­gh­ter had­n’t tal­ked about any­thing else all week. I some­ti­mes had the oppor­tu­ni­ty to look into the hall and I was really moved by how all the coa­ches appro­ach the chil­dren empathe­ti­cally and with respect. In addi­ti­on to inte­res­ting phy­s­i­cal acti­vi­ties, which alwa­ys took pla­ce out­si­de in nice weather, the dau­gh­ter enjoyed other, per­ha­ps more valu­a­ble moments, such as making new fri­ends, a sen­se of acceptan­ce and secu­ri­ty in a group with a few chil­dren of fore­igners (dau­gh­ter her­self is bilin­gu­al). For exam­ple, I really liked it when my dau­gh­ter told me how they did dif­fe­rent balan­ce exer­ci­ses, and then they tal­ked about how balan­ce works in life and why it’s impor­tant. I can high­ly recom­mend this camp to any­o­ne who is loo­king for a sui­table camp for the­ir branch. So see you aga­in in a year!”

We are also loo­king for­ward to the next years.