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Summer School: Martin Švihla, Třešť near Jihlava, August 2017

6. August 2017 - 12. August 2017

Summer School: Martin Švihla, Třešť near Jihlava, August 2017

6. August 2017 - 12. August 2017
Místo: Sokolský dům Třešť

Aikido Prague Vinohrady

invi­te you for sum­mer scho­ol of aiki­dó, led by

Martin Švihla (4th dan)

7 August – 13 August 2017, Třešť (near Jihlava), ČR


Sokol­ský dům, nám. Svo­bo­dy 412/15, 58901 Třešť
(49.293086, 15.481658)



  • 7:30–8:30 mor­ning wake-up practice
  • 10:00–12:30 aiki­dó
  • 16:00–17:30 aiki­dó and weapons
  • 17:30–18:30 shi­at­su and relaxation
  • Some tra­i­nings will be outdoor.
  • The­re will be one (or more?) mid­ni­ght les­son during the week.
  • At least two collecti­ve din­ners and movie watchings
  • The after­no­on class on fri­day and satur­day will be of shi­at­su inste­ad of aikido.
  • During satur­day the­re will be kyu gra­de exams.
  • The sum­mer scho­ol will end at Sun­day noon.


Full Pri­ce:
7 days 1400 Kč / One day 300 Kč

Dis­count (for stu­dents, unemployed, mater­ni­ty leave…):
7 days 1000 Kč / One day 250 Kč


Take eve­ry­thing you have.


Semi­nar takes pla­ce in TJ Sokol Třešť, in village Třešť near Jih­la­va. Sle­e­ping in sle­e­ping bag insi­de the dojo is inclu­ded in pri­ce. In the buil­ding whe­re is dojo is also a small kit­chen and showers. Also the­re are local pubs and restau­rants nearby.

Sle­e­ping is also possi­ble in a pen­zi­on near­by (10 minu­te walk to dojo). So if you want, you can take your fami­ly with you and have a nice vacation.

Addi­ti­o­na­ly acti­vi­ties are swi­m­ming in a flo­o­ded quar­ry, bil­li­ard, table tenis, bow­ling and some­ti­mes – only if you rea­ly have to – sle­e­ping. If you want to see how did pre­vi­ous years go, check our pictu­res from year 2015year 2012year 20112010 and 2009.


, +420 603 752 468


Aikido Praha Vinohrady


+420 603 752 468


Sokolský dům Třešť
Nám. Svobody 412/15
Třešť, 589 01 Česká republika
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