Aikido for Children in English

NEW: Registration for the second semestr 2018/2019 in January and February 2019:

  • Children 8–12 years old (English instruction)
    • For whom: children 8 to 12 years old (boys and girls; 7- or 13-year olds admitted on invidual basis)
    • Where: Prostor 8, Šmilovského 8, Praha 2
    • What to wear: any sportswear will do, no shoes or socks
    • Price: free to try, 3500 Kč/school year (or 2000 Kč/semester)
    • When: Wednesday 17:00–18:00 (September–July)
      Please come at least 10 minutes earlier to change before the class starts.
    • Teacher: Adam Nohejl – profile
  • Youth 13–17 years old (English and Czech instruction)
    We also offer a mixed Czech-English class for youth (13 to 17 year olds) every Monday 17:00–18:00: please contact us if interested (or read more in Czech)!
  • Children 5–13 years old (Czech instruction)
    We have several other classes for children of different ages taught in Czech (more info in Czech).

Class open for online registration for the second semester of the school year 2018/2019!

Please register online to make sure there will be place for your child in the class! (Formal application and payment can be done after trying the first class of course.)

The class is suitable for beginners or intermediate students. As we teach in small groups there will be plenty of one-to-one interaction with the teacher for more advanced students as well.


Contact: Adam Nohejl, tel. 606 42 98 66, .

More about aikido for kids & Supplementary materials

About aikido for kids

Aikido is a Japanese martial art and a way of human development. For children and teenagers, aikido is mostly fun, versatile physical activity and also education.

Aikido technique, etiquette, mutual respect and variety of movement games develop natural body posture, movement skills, self-control, decisiveness, courage and also the ability to create contact with others and resolve conflicts without violence.

In addition to weekly classes, our dojo also regularly holds seminars for children tought both in Czech and English. See pictures from our 2017 children's seminar with Japanese calligraphy.

Supplementary materials

Safety first: here are some safety rules (PDF) for the children's aikido practice in our dojo.

Although aikido is learnt through practice, we will also be publishing some supplementary materials for our English speaking students throughout the year.

Tying the belt


Many people seek for a way how to stand upright
and on their own two feet,
how to move freely,
to be well-balanced and communicate
with others without fear or violence.
Simply, to be more human.

There are many ways leading in this direction -
we offer you aikido.


  • new members can join us during the whole year
  • English-speaking people are welcome
  • aikido is suitable for both for men and women
  • you need only a comfortable training suit
  • the first class is for free
  • low price for students

More for newcomers / Schedule

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  • Morning, noon and children:
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