There are no shiatsu lessons in our aikido club now!
If you are looking for shiatsu massages, visit website Shiatsu Massages Prague.

Shortly about shiatsu

Shiatsu uses stretching, pressure and touch to move energy along acupuncture lines restoring the energy balance of a body. The result of the session is deep relaxation and regeneration.

The basic principle of shiatsu is very simple, a therapist helps a client to renew contact with him/herself and return to a more balanced state. This kind of work not only influences physique, but also emotional and mental aspects of a client, and can become a tool for personal development.

It is not without interest that shiatsu should have the same effect to a giver as to a receiver. Giving shiatsu is more a meditation in movement than physical work.

How does shiatsu relate to aikido?

To put it simply: very much so. Shiatsu works with the „ki“ energy, the very same energy that is mentioned in the second syllable of the word aikido.
During the massage there are two people – a giver and receiver – connected with a sensitive but firm touch. To reach a such contact the giver has to work from his/her center in the same way as it is common in martial arts. Shiatsu, similarly to budo, requires relaxed concentration and releasing of the ambition to interfere with the natural flow of an action.
Finally, the result of a shiatsu session should be balance, which is completely the same as in aikido techniques and movements.

Therefore it is no surprise that shiatsu techniques and exercises are often used for regeneration in aikido training.


Many people seek for a way how to stand upright
and on their own two feet,
how to move freely,
to be well-balanced and communicate
with others without fear or violence.
Simply, to be more human.

There are many ways leading in this direction -
we offer you aikido.


  • new members can join us during the whole year
  • English-speaking people are welcome
  • aikido is suitable for both for men and women
  • you need only a comfortable training suit
  • the first class is for free
  • low price for students

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