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Fundamentals aikido course – registration form

Autumn 3‑month course – online registration

For whom: men and women 17+ years old
Date: 5th Octo­ber – 14th Decem­ber 2020 – the cour­se will have 11 les­sons
Time: eve­ry Mon­day 18:00–19:30 (group A) or 20:00–21:30 (group B)
Pla­ce: Pro­stor 8, Šmi­lov­ské­ho 8, Pra­ha 2 – it is near Náměs­tí Míru
Group: max. 12 par­ti­ci­pants
Tea­cher: Mar­tin Švih­la (5th dan, main tea­cher of our club) + assistants
Pri­ce: 2900 Kč (2200 Kč for stu­dents)
Pay­ment: your pla­ce is regis­te­red after pay­ment to our account num­ber 2700020028/2010

Trial les­son:
If you want to see how we practi­ce, you can come to see or try aiki­do tra­i­ning on Tue­sday or Thur­sday at 18:00 in Sokol Vino­hra­dy (you will need a sport­su­it, slip­pers and towel).