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Aikido semináře

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Aikido & Systema

27. September 2014

Aikido & Systema

27. Sep­tem­ber 2014
Mís­to: TJ Sokol Pra­ha Vino­hra­dy

Aikido Prague Vinohrady and Systema Prague

Invi­te you the the semi­nar of

Aikido & Systema

lead by Mar­tin Švih­la and Dmi­t­riy Tery­o­khin



TJ Sokol Krá­lov­ské Vino­hra­dy Pra­gue, Pol­ská 1 (Rie­gro­vy sady), Pra­gue 2
Map and pub­lic trans­port


Satur­day: 10,00–12,30 a 14,30–17,00
(tra­i­nings might be a litt­le lon­ger depen­ding on the mood)


Wor­kers: Who­le semi­nar: 20 EUR (500 CZK), One tra­i­ning: 10 EUR (300 CZK)
Stu­dents, mater­nal lea­ve, finan­cial troubles: Who­le semi­nar: 15 EUR (400 CZK), One tra­i­ning: 10 EUR (300 CZK)


Aiki­do and sys­te­ma are both ver­si­ti­le mar­tial arts. Basi­cally we do the same but in dif­fe­rent ways with dif­fe­rent pri­o­ri­ties. Any­way, basic prin­ci­ples are the same. During this semi­nar we will explo­re two the­mes: stri­kes (which Sys­te­ma has more meto­di­cal) and unba­lan­cing of part­ner (which is easier to see in aiki­do).
The goal of this semi­nar is to excer­ci­se toge­ther and to enrich each other – to take a look at the things we know with dif­fe­rent view and meet new peo­ple.

Stu­dents from other mar­tial arts are wel­co­me.


Bring a kni­fe – woo­den or blunt metal one. If you don’t have a kni­fe, it’s not a pro­blem, we can lend you one.


Com­for­table clo­thing for excer­ci­se – it can be kei­­ko-go without haka­ma or sweat­pants and sweat­shirts, whathe­ver you are used to.


, +420 737 848627

Organized by

Aiki­do Pra­ha Vino­hra­dy


+420 737 848 627


TJ Sokol Pra­ha Vino­hra­dy
Pol­ská 1a
Pra­ha 2, 120 00 Čes­ká repub­li­ka
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