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Seminar Gaston Nicolessi, Prague, May 2017

19. May 201721. May 2017

Seminar Gaston Nicolessi, Prague, May 2017

19. May 2017 – 21. May 2017
Mís­to: TJ Sokol Pra­ha Vino­hra­dy

Aikido Prague Vinohrady

invi­tes you to the semi­nar of

Gaston Nicolessi

(5th dan Aiki­kai, Fran­ce)

19 – 21 May 2017, Prague, CZ


TJ Sokol Krá­lov­ské Vino­hra­dy Pra­ha, Pol­ská 1 (Rie­gro­ve sady), Pra­ha 2
Map and pub­lic trans­port


The topic of this semi­nar will be dyna­mic practi­ce and falls and also tra­i­ning with boken.


  • Fri­day 19:00–21:00
  • Satur­day 10:00–12:30 / 15:30–18:00 (a kyu gra­ding after the class and a par­ty after­wards)
  • Sun­day 10:00–12:30

The­re will be wea­pon clas­ses – ple­a­se bring your bok­ken, jo and tan­to.


  • Who­le semi­nar: 30 EUR (800 Kč)
  • 3 tra­i­nings: 25 EUR (650 Kč)
  • 2 tra­i­nings: 20 EUR (500 Kč)
  • 1 tra­i­ning: 15 EUR (300 Kč)

Stu­dents, unemployed, mater­nal lea­ve – dis­count 5 EUR (from any fee).


Ple­a­se bring your bok­ken, jo and tan­to.


Gas­ton Nico­les­si (5th dan Aiki­kai, Fran­ce) star­ted with aiki­do when he was 11 years-old in 1983 in Mada­gas­car. He has practi­sed under the directi­on of Franck Noël sin­ce 1992. He foun­ded his own dojo in 2002 in Cug­naux near Tou­lou­se and tea­ches a few regu­lar clas­ses at Franck Noël’s dojo in Tou­lou­se (la Rose­raie).
Gas­ton has recent­ly been pro­mo­ted to the Nati­o­nal Tech­ni­cal Com­mit­te of the French Aiki­do Fede­rati­on (FFAAA) whe­re he will main­ly focus, along with a few other high-ran­­king French tech­ni­ci­ans, on the empower­ment of young tea­chers in Aiki­do.
At the regi­o­nal level, Gas­ton ser­ves in the Midi-Pyre­­ne­es regi­o­nal gra­ding body and is also a seni­or mem­ber of the Regi­o­nal Tech­ni­cal Com­mit­te. He tea­ches semi­nars in Fran­ce, Spa­in and Fin­land and Franck Noel assigned him to be one of the two young tea­chers respon­si­ble for the first week of the Ole­ron sum­mer scho­ol.
Our Pra­gue semi­nar will be his second visit in the Czech repub­lic.


  • In dojo in your own sle­e­ping bag: free

Hos­tels and hotels very clo­se by (orde­red by distan­ce):


You can find non-aiki­­do infor­mati­on for your stay in Pra­gue at http://www.prague-information.eu/. Feel free to con­tact us for some sight­se­e­ing recom­men­dati­ons.


Mar­tin Švih­la, , +420 737 848 627

Organized by

Aiki­do Pra­ha Vino­hra­dy


+420 737 848 627


TJ Sokol Pra­ha Vino­hra­dy
Pol­ská 1a
Pra­ha 2, 120 00 Čes­ká repub­li­ka
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