Aikido teachers

Main teacher in our dojo is Martin Švihla and he is also leading the most of the classes. There are two other teachers who you could meet at adult trainings: Vanda Švihlová a Michal Roder. Adam Nohejl is in charge of aikido for children in English.

Martin Švihla, 4th dan aikido
Main teacher (and dojo-cho)

Martin Švihla (foto Jan Rákosník) I started with martial arts in 1988. It was karate at the beginning but after 6 years I discovered aikido and it still gives me pleasure and inspiration today. I’ve been teaching adults and kids from 1997, in 1999 I finished my university study of physical education and I became a trainer with a specialization in aikido.

Aikido attracts me with its infinite depth, dynamics of movement and rich contact with other people. It provides me a space where I can study conflict, contact and communication, where I can study myself.

Vanda Švihlová, 3rd dan aikido
Assisting teacher

Martin Švihla (foto Jan Rákosník) Since 1997 I practise aikido for one single reason: I like it. Not only that it is a way to develop more control and grace in ones movements. For me it is even more important that it helps me to mature and to grow as a whole being. Moreover, it teaches me how to meet people and touch them.

Some time ago I also started to attend contact improvisation dance lessons that enable me to move much more freely.

But life holds still more enjoyment in store for me. I love good food, wine and old books. And people. And not to forget, cats. Cats too.

Michal Roder, 3rd dan aikido
Assisting teacher

Michal Roder (foto Jan Rákosník) I started with aikido in 1997. In 2011 I passed shodan exams and started to teach one class per week. I study artificial intelligence at Charles University and I am seriously interested in photography, too.

Adam Nohejl, 2nd dan aikido
Teacher of children’s classes

Adam Nohejl I started to train aikido in 2008. For me, aikido is a way to discover and express my true self. A way that lets go of the unnecessary and integrates mind and body with relation to others. A way to find a common logic of movement for two people. Since 2013 I’ve been teaching children and enjoying the search for sensible movement with them. I have also studied Japanese and trained in Japan for one year.


Many people seek for a way how to stand upright
and on their own two feet,
how to move freely,
to be well-balanced and communicate
with others without fear or violence.
Simply, to be more human.

There are many ways leading in this direction -
we offer you aikido.


  • new members can join us during the whole year
  • English-speaking people are welcome
  • aikido is suitable for both for men and women
  • you need only a comfortable training suit
  • the first class is for free
  • low price for students

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