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Czech Federation of Aikido and Aikido Vinohrady Prague

Invites you for a seminar held by

Stefan Stenudd

(6th dan aikido, Sweden)

18 – 20 November 2011
Prague, CZ


TJ Sokol Královské Vinohrady Prague, Polská 1 (Riegrove sady), Prague 2
Map and public transport


Friday 19:00-21:00
Saturday 10:00-12:30 a 16:00-18:30
Sunday 9:30-12:00 a 14:30-16:30


  • Whole seminar: 900Kč (40 Euro)
  • One day: 450Kč (20 Euro)
  • One training: 300Kč (15 Euro)


Jo, bokken, tanto.


  • In our dojo in your own sleeping bag: 120Kč/night

Hostels and hotels very close by:


martin(at)aikidovinohrady.cz, +420 737 848627


Our members say



Many people seek for a way how to stand upright
and on their own two feet,
how to move freely,
to be well-balanced and communicate
with others without fear or violence.
Simply, to be more human.

There are many ways leading in this direction -
we offer you aikido


  • new members can join us during the whole year
  • English-speaking people are welcome
  • aikido is suitable for both for men and women
  • you need only a comfortable training suit
  • the first class is for free

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Where to find us

Facebook Aikido Praha Vinohrady Youtube Aikido Praha Vinohrady
  • Aikido Praha Vinohrady
  • Sokol Praha Královské Vinohrady
  • Polská 1a, 120 00 Praha 2
  • (Riegrovy sady)
  • Czech republic
  • +420 737 071 457

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