ATTENTION: New location of morning classes starting June 1!

  • Morning classes for adults: Prostor 8, Šmilovského 8, Praha 2.
  • Evening classes for adults: Sokol Vinohrady, Polská 1a, Praha 2.
  • (See also children’s classes.)

Aikido schedule for the season 2017/2018 (starting September 4)

7 00 30 8 00 ··· 13 00 30 14 00 30 15 00 30 16 00 30 17 00 30 18 00 30 19 00 30 20 00 30 21 00
Monday children (English)
Prostor 8
all levels
Tuesday all levels
Prostor 8
all levels
Wednesday all levels
Prostor 8
all levels
Thursday all levels
Prostor 8
all levels
a meal or a few drinks together
Friday (free day)
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Training fees for season 2017/2018

Working people Students/Unemployed
3 Months 2250 Kč (750 Kč per month) 1950 Kč (650 Kč per month)
5 Months 3450 Kč (690 Kč per month) 2950 Kč (590 Kč per month)
10 Months 5900 Kč (590 Kč per month) 4900 Kč (490 Kč per month)
1 month 890 Kč 790 Kč
  • The first lesson is for free.
  • A club member can attend all classes from the schedule.
  • Club members pay 400Kč per year for a license of our aikido organization ČFAI (Czech Federation of Aikido). New members pay additional 50 Kč for organization passport (only once per life).

Training descriptions

Aikido – beginners

These classes are focused on basics and we highly recommend them to beginners. During these classes you will learn basic steps, turns, falls and techniques. Physical demands grow gradually with students individual development so that it is possible to start with aikido in any age.

Aikido – all levels

Classes aikido are opened to all club members. Beginners work together with more advanced students for the benefit of both of these groups.

Aikido – advanced

This training is for students with 4th kyu and higher (who can fall fluently and handle basic techniques). This is a space for more dynamic and/or complex practice.

Aikido with weapons

A big part of unarmed techniques in aikido comes from the Japanese fencing arts. Therefore the work with weapons is naturally included in aikido training: we use wooden sword (boken), staff (jo) and knife (tanto). The work with sword helps to develop a proper body posture, power in the body center, concentration, determination and precision.

Some food and drinks after evening classes

We usually don’t speak too much during trainings, and often reserve time for all kinds of socializing in a nearby restaurant. These “eating and drinking classes” are not necessary for mastering aikido techniques, but being with friends is a very pleasant part of our training:).


Many people seek for a way how to stand upright
and on their own two feet,
how to move freely,
to be well-balanced and communicate
with others without fear or violence.
Simply, to be more human.

There are many ways leading in this direction -
we offer you aikido.


  • new members can join us during the whole year
  • English-speaking people are welcome
  • aikido is suitable for both for men and women
  • you need only a comfortable training suit
  • the first class is for free

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Where to find us

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  • Evening adult classes:
  • Sokol Vinohrady, Polská 1a, Praha 2
  • Morning, noon and children:
  • Prostor 8, Šmilovského 8, Praha 2
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